I take great delight in exploring all kinds of art and art forms, styles and mediums. I am an instinctive artist for whom inspiration serves not only as stimulus but drives the creative process. My pieces are often deceptively simple, but each carries a story, and is often a reflection of something I experienced or observed.

01. Do I take commissions?

Yes, I do. I am happy to take commissions, especially for abstracts, florals, mandalas, stones et al. Please note that work in my genre and styles will be given priority. Fortunately, I play with several styles and media, so you have a variety to choose from.

02. Do I paint smaller paintings or other small work?

Yes, I do! I work in all sizes and on a variety of surfaces.

03. What are my Charges?

The cost of each artwork or the project will depend on its size, the materials and time frame. Customised projects by their very nature usually cost a bit more than artworks that are already made and available for sale.

Ongoing session

“The Child In You”

Live zoom and social media features every Mondays, Friday, Saturdays and Sundays.



Soul Sister

Teachers, parents, Heads of Schools, Students all relate easily with me since I speak from a space of lived experience. I have been in their shoes and understand the demands on them.


Optimizer of Learning

Opportunities to learn, explore, discover, wonder are all around us. I help you to identify and utilise these, to make learning fun, engaging, experiential.



Everything has a story behind it. These stories knit the fabric of our being, our existence, our growth. We’ll weave stories together, create them, tell them, extend them.



Even the mundane can be fun, interesting, exciting. That stone could be a monster, a whale, a ladybird, a unicorn. Let’s find magic together, allow our creativity to run free.



I always said that “I think through my hands.” As of 2019, I have been doing just that- allowing my heart, my soul, my hands to unite and produce art. A multitude of media, a multitude of styles.